Watch: Sivamani's 'Humma-Humma' Performance At Kochi Airport Amid Baggage Delay

A co-passenger recorded a 17-second clip of Sivamani using the metallic conveyor belt as drums and played the song 'Humma Humma' on it with mallets.

Watch: Sivamani's 'Humma-Humma' Performance At Kochi Airport Amid Baggage Delay

Sivamani, commonly known by his stage name Drums Sivamani, is an Indian percussionist.

Passengers at Kochi Airport were in for an unexpected musical treat when renowned Indian percussionist Sivamani broke into an impromptu performance. The incident happened on Wednesday when passengers were waiting for their luggage at the conveyor belt. 40 minutes had passed, but there was no sign of their luggage. That's when the 64-year-old musician, who was also a passenger on the flight, decided to entertain passengers with his musical art. 

The artist used his drumsticks on the railings of the conveyor belt and played the beats of AR Rahman's 'Humma Humma'. The performance was captured by a fellow passenger and shared on the micro-blogging platform where it went viral. 

''It's been 40 minutes since we landed at Kochi airport and we are still waiting for our bags to come out. Instead of getting agitated, we are getting entertained by a fellow passenger,'' X user Sheetal Mehta wrote along with the video.

Watch the video here:

Internet users were left delighted after watching the video and praised the artist for turning a mundane airport delay into a memorable experience for his co-passengers. Some also corrected the Twitter user who called Sivamani just a ''fellow passenger''.

''That's not just any fellow passenger. That's the Legendary percussionist Sivamani sir.. lucky you guys get a live performance from him for free and it's humble of him that he didn't throw any VIP tantrum of his own,'' a user pointed out. 

''I would be very happy to get my luggage late if the legendary @drumssivamani were to enthrall like he did to lucky Sheetal and her co-passengers. More power to him as we need more such public places,'' another wrote.

A third commented, ''I don't think anyone would mind delays if Sivamani performs impromptu.'' A fourth said, ''Wow! Seldom does a baggage delay become a moment to cherish. Sivamani rocks!!'' 

A fifth added, ''That's DrumsSivaMani. Will never complain even if it's delayed for 12 hours.'' A sixth commented, ''You wait for the luggage and there's a random guy playing drums without drums and he happens to be The Drums Sivamani!!! Oh!!! What a lucky day it should be.''

Notably, Sivamani, commonly known by his stage name Drums Sivamani, is an Indian percussionist. He plays many instruments including drums, octoban, darbuka, udukai, ghatam and kanjira. In 2019, he was conferred the title of Padma Shri. 

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