Video: Thief Puts Down Gun Mid-Robbery. Clerk Grabs It, Scares Him Away

"She deserves a raise," wrote one person for the clerk

Video: Thief Puts Down Gun Mid-Robbery. Clerk Grabs It, Scares Him Away

A robber was scared away by a quick-thinking clerk who grabbed his gun.

A quick-thinking clerk turned the tables on a robber in an incredible moment caught on camera. Cory Phillips was arrested last Tuesday for a robbery he committed on Monday night at a hotel in Paducah, Kentucky, reports KFVS. It is CCTV footage from this robbery, shared by Paducah Police Department on Facebook, that has left many impressed. The reason is the hotel clerk who managed to grab Mr Phillips' gun in the middle of the robbery and scare him away.

In the video, a masked man - later identified as Cory Phillips - enters the hotel and demands money from the woman behind the counter, threatening her with a gun. She throws money on the countertop and the thief sets his gun down to collect the loot. Seizing the opportunity, the clerk then grabs the gun and points it towards Mr Phillips, who flees the scene immediately.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared online one week ago, the video has been viewed over 1 lakh times

"I want to hear the audio or at least see an interview with this amazing woman!!" wrote one commenter. "I'm impressed with this woman's calmness," said another, while a third added: "She deserves a raise."

Police initially released the footage to ask for the public's assistance in identifying the thief. However, he was arrested the next day during a routine traffic stop when cops found stolen items in his car.

Fox 6 reports that Mr Phillips was charged in connection with the robbery and receiving stolen property and booked into McCracken County Regional Jail.

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