Video Shows Man's Death-Defying Icy Dive, Spectators Stunned

Ken Stornes became famous for doing incredibly daring and risky jumps, showing his love for thrilling and bold stunts.

Video Shows Man's Death-Defying Icy Dive, Spectators Stunned

Ken Stornes is famous for his daring and extreme stunts.

Renowned Norwegian adventurer Ken Stornes, a popular figure on social media known for his daring stunts, has once again challenged conventions by embarking on a high-octane feat. Unfazed by the chill, he documented a jaw-dropping hill jump in a video that has earned him the label of 'insane' from his 496,000 Instagram followers.

Ken's online presence showcases an array of heart-stopping stunts, ranging from mountain-top squats to frigid water plunges, portraying a fearless spirit seemingly undeterred by the extremes. With each daring feat, Ken Stornes continues to push boundaries, capturing the attention and awe of his growing online audience.

Posted on Instagram on December 3, in his latest video, Ken Stornes unveiled his most spine-chilling stunt yet. Positioned on a ledge, he throws a sizable stone to showcase the daunting height before taking the plunge into the freezing waters below. A vigilant team awaits him in the water to ensure his safety. In this daring escapade, Ken successfully shattered the world record for the deepest dive, achieving a remarkable 40.5 meters (132 feet).

He shared the video with a caption that read, "New world record! 40.5 meters (132 feet). Once again, we take the death dive world record back to Norway, where it belongs. This was insane!"

Watch the video here:

The video has amassed an impressive 143 million views on Instagram, a substantial figure in its own right. Additionally, the video has garnered nearly 3 million likes, attesting to its widespread popularity and positive reception among viewers.

Ken Stornes is famous for his daring and extreme stunts, particularly his death-defying dives and adventurous feats. He gained recognition for pushing the boundaries and achieving milestones in the world of extreme challenges, often showcasing his fearless pursuit of thrilling experiences.

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