Twitter Filled With Pics, Videos Of Strange Light Seen Over California

A meteor? A high-tech rocket? A space-time tear?

Twitter Filled With Pics, Videos Of Strange Light Seen Over California

The bright light was seen over California skies.

Photos and videos of a mysterious light that appeared over Sacramento and the Bay Area in California filled social media on Wednesday - throwing up more questions than answers. The lasso-shaped illumination led to many conspiracy theories, according to CBS News.

"It was far too big to be a firework," said Gus Graves of San Francisco.  "I'm thinking it's some sort of high-tech rocket that they're working on, possibly? Or aliens. One of the two."

The Sacramento Bee reports that a Delta IV Heavy rocket, carrying satellites, was supposed to launch from in Santa Barbara County on Wednesday evening. The launch was cancelled at about the same time the light appeared and has been rescheduled for Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, the strange light left locals puzzled, as many took to Twitter to figure out what it could be and to share pictures and videos. See some of the tweets below:

One user wondered whether it was a space-time tear

Others shared pics

And videos...

According to the National Weather Service, the object was probably a meteor. "Still not 100% certain, but evidence is growing the object seen was a meteor. A meteor can create a very high level cloud called a noctilucent cloud," they explained in a tweet.

The Lick Observatory also determined the mysterious light trail was a bright meteor.


"A very bright meteor that fell through the atmosphere, and it took place shortly after sunset so that the contrail that was left behind was still lit by the sun," Bing Quock, assistant director of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences, said to CBS News.

Just a few weeks ago, a bright blue light was observed over Texas, and similarly left many puzzled.

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