This Article is From Apr 17, 2020

This Viral Pic Of A Bookshelf Has A Message On Coronavirus. See It?

"This is brilliant, so clever," remarked one social media user.

This Viral Pic Of A Bookshelf Has A Message On Coronavirus. See It?

This bookshelf artwork has a message on coronavirus.

As the world continues its fight against the coronavirus pandemic, one artist has delivered a message of hope with a clever picture that is going viral on social media. Digital-printmaker Phil Shaw created an image of a bookshelf with books arranged in such a way that the titles, when read together, reveal a hidden message on the pandemic and the importance of social distancing. The bookshelf that he created digitally includes books like 'It' by Stephen King, 'Hope Springs Eternal' by Ginger Simpson and 'In the Dark' by Mark Billingham, among many others. 

"Shelf isolation 2 - the story so far..." wrote the UK-born artist while sharing the image on Instagram a week ago.

The bookshelf pic has gone viral on social media since it made its way to Facebook, where it has collected a whopping 1.6 lakh 'shares' and over 44,000 'reactions'. 

The book titles, when read together, reveal the message: "The English patient had caught it on the beach. I should have stayed at home she said. Now she was in quarantine in the dark house of splendid isolation.

"Still hope springs eternal with a little bit of luck and personal hygiene. The corona book of horror stories must end soon. Always remember clean hands save lives and when in doubt don't go out!"

Take a look at the viral photo below:

Since it was posted online, the bookshelf with the message on coronavirus has garnered praise from thousands of people. 

"Very clever and amusing," wrote one person on Facebook. 

"This is brilliant, so clever," an Instagram user praised the artist, while another said, "This is being shared widely online."

This is not the only bookish artwork that Mr Shaw has created. He had earlier shared a pic of books practising social distancing on a shelf. 

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