This Article is From Jul 23, 2021

Rescue Dog Surrounded By Curious Kittens In Adorable Video

The video shows the litter of kittens gathering around the resting dog

A viral video shows a dog surrounded by curious kittens.

There are two kinds of people in this world – those that love dogs and those that prefer cats. And seldom do they see eye to eye on which of the two make for cuter companions. But now, thanks to the power of the Internet, we may have been blessed with a video that will get both groups to shake hands and collectively say “aww”. A video posted on Friday on the YouTube channel of ViralHog features a litter of kittens in the company of a dog. The kittens in the video are seen to be extremely intrigued by the dog resting in the room and even approach him gingerly. Overwhelmed by all the attention, the dog gets off his cushion after the first few seconds, leaving the kittens scrambling in a hurry.

Sharing details of the video, the dog parent is quoted in the caption as saying, “This is my male rescue dog, Nugget (age 10) with our foster kittens from the SPCA I work at. They were feral when I received them, so we were working on socialising them at the time of this video, which will help them be adopted.”

The dog parent from New York, USA added that Nugget seemed like the best choice for socialisation given that he was “fairly calm and non-reactive”.

The video soon had viewers flocking to shower their love on the animals, in the comments section.

One viewer even penned an imaginary conversation between the kittens and the dog. The comment by user Jannat Bint said, “Dog: ‘Who are these strange people'? Kittens: ‘We come in peace'. This is so cute.”

There was another user who had a different take on Nugget's imaginary internal voice. “Nugget: For the last time children, I will NOT take you to see Cats vs. Dogs at the playhouse!! You've seen it 13 times already,” the comment said.

One viewer also compared the video to a scene from the Hollywood film Jurassic Park. “It's almost like that one scene from Jurassic Park with all the tiny dinosaurs surrounding the one guy.”

“The kittens almost mistook that mutt for a strange looking rat!” another user noted. “Hahaha. Little mob. They're all very adorable,” read one comment.

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