This Ad About A Little Girl And Her Mother Is All Kinds Of Wonderful

This Ad About A Little Girl And Her Mother Is All Kinds Of Wonderful

Her mother wants her to become a doctor but she wants to become a lawyer.

NEW DELHI: A heartwarming new advertisement about a little girl talking about her mother is leaving several people teary-eyed. Inspired by a true story, the commercial shows the beautiful bond between little Gayatri and her adoptive mother Gauri. Shared some 12 hours before writing this, the video has collected over 4.6 lakh views so far.

The video opens with Gayatri talking about going back to boarding school. She mentions that her mother wants her to grow up and become a doctor but she doesn't seem inclined towards the profession. She later explains that she wants to become a lawyer, and her choice has everything to do with her loving mother.

She goes on to talk about day she met her mummy, as she calls her. Gayatri had never met her father and had lost her birth mother at a young age. She had been adopted by her mummy who took her home, looked after her because she was ill, brought her a new dress and even made her chips.

They've now been together for 10 years and their bond has only grown stronger. The video doesn't show Gayatri's mother until she introduces her to everyone. It is then revealed that Gayatri's mother is a transgender woman.

Gayatri goes on to say that her mother has faced several hardships throughout her life but always cared for her.

"My civics book says that everyone is entitled to basic rights. Then why is my mother denied them?" says Gayatri in the video. "That's why I'm not going to be a doctor, I will be a lawyer," she adds.

The moving story has touched a chord with several people online.

"It's so touching. I have tears in my eyes," says one commenter. Another says, "Love this ad because all are equal."

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