This Article is From Nov 19, 2014

This 5-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Gets Birthday Surprise from 'Spider-Dad'

This 5-Year-Old Fighting Cancer Gets Birthday Surprise from 'Spider-Dad'

Courtesy: YouTube

This dad went all out to bring some cheer into his son's life. On Jayden's fifth birthday, he got a surprise visit from Spiderman. He didn't know it was his dad.

Jayden was diagnosed with cancer 15 months ago, writes his father. In this heartwarming video, we see Mike - that's Jayden's dad - wearing a custom-made and very realistic-looking Spiderman suit, 'gatecrashing' the tiny champ's birthday celebrations. While his mother and sister usher Jayden out of the house, Spider-Dad jumps off the roof, startling and delighting the little boy. Super-dad also hugs and makes small talk with this teeny Spiderman enthusiast, before carrying him back inside to continue the party.

Jayden suffers from Grade Four Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). He fell down and bumped his head in 2013, and that's when his condition was discovered. Also known as Brain Stem Tumour, according to the American Brain Tumor Association, this condition is "usually highly malignant - a large number of tumor cells are reproducing at any given time".

The support page for Jayden on Facebook and GoFundMe show phenomenal response from strangers all over the world.

Watch the Amazing Spider-Dad bring joy into his little boy's life by spinning the best spidey surprise ever: