Super 30's Anand Kumar Shares Touching Encounter With Former Student In US

Mr Kumar's post read, "He touched my feet and introduced himself as Sandeep Chaudhary, my former student."

Super 30's Anand Kumar Shares Touching Encounter With Former Student In US

The post has garnered nearly 100,000 views so far.

Anand Kumar, founder of the renowned Super 30 programme, had a heartwarming encounter with a former student, Sandeep Chaudhary, at a mall in New Jersey. While shopping for his current students, Kumar was recognized by Chaudhary, who expressed his gratitude by touching Kumar's feet. The student even insisted on paying for Kumar's purchases and drove him home. Kumar shared this experience on social media, highlighting the immense pride a teacher feels witnessing a student's success.

His tweet in Hindi, when translated to English, reads as "today, while shopping for some items for the children in a New Jersey mall, I experienced a remarkable encounter reminiscent of scenes from an Indian drama film. As I browsed, a voice greeted me from behind: "Anand, sir, you are here in America." Turning around, I found a former student, Sandeep Chaudhary, who proceeded to touch my feet in a gesture of respect. He expressed gratitude for my guidance and mentorship, insisting on paying for my purchases himself. He attributed his success to my blessings and insisted on driving me back to my accommodations. Such acts of kindness and appreciation fill me with immense pride as a teacher."

The post has garnered nearly 100,000 views so far, with numerous social media users engaging in discussions and leaving comments.

"Sir, you are the pride of India! Current age greatest mathematician and true teacher," commented a user.

"Sir, this achievement is a testament to your selfless dedication. It's just a small token of the immense sacrifice you've made. While they may honour you, there are countless others like them who owe you a debt they can never fully repay. The entire state of Bihar takes pride in knowing that a remarkable educator like you hails from our region," another user wrote.

Meanwhile, Kumar has unveiled plans for the launch of a new online educational platform. This initiative aims to offer accessible education to underprivileged students in India.

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