Steven Spielberg To Create Horror Series You Can Only Watch At Night

The series will be named 'After Dark'

Steven Spielberg To Create Horror Series You Can Only Watch At Night

Steven Spielberg is creating a show that can only be watched at night.

The mastermind behind blockbusters like 'ET' and 'Jaws' is now writing a horror series meant to be viewed on phones - and only at night. According to Variety, Steven Spielberg is penning a horror series that can only be watched when your phone knows it is dark outside. The series, named 'After Dark', will contain 10 to 12 episodes that will stream exclusively on a yet-to-be-released platform called Quibi.

Quibi, which stands for 'Quick Bites', is a planned platform for videos that can be watched "on the go". Created by former Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg and former HP CEO Meg Whitman, the platform has come up with a new way to deliver each episode.

According to Variety, in keeping with Mr Spielberg's request that his 'After Dark' be streamed only at night, Quibi's engineering team came up with a unique solution using a phone's internal clock.

"A clock will appear on phones, ticking down until sun sets in wherever that user is," explains Variety. The clock starts ticking when the sun comes back up, and that's when the show disappears, only to reappear at night.


"Steven Spielberg came in, and said, 'I have a super scary story I want to do,'" Mr Katzenberg said to Variety. "He's writing it himself. He hasn't [written anything in a while] so getting him to write something is fantastic."

According to Mr Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg has already written five or six episodes of 'After Dark'.

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