This Article is From Sep 25, 2022

Images Of Coffin-Shaped Office Chair Go Viral, Internet says "No Thanks"

"If an employee dies at work, management needs to nail the top cover," the designer states in an Instagram post.

Images Of Coffin-Shaped Office Chair Go Viral, Internet says 'No Thanks'

The design of The Last Shift Office Chair is weirdly inspired by coffins.

We've all heard phrases like "sitting kills" and "sitting is the new smoking." However, a UK company by the name of Chairbox has elevated it to entirely new heights. "The Last Shift Office Chair" is a line of coffin-shaped office chairs created by a designer for people who work long hours at their computers. The chair is constructed in a manner resembling a casket and is inspired by coffin designs. 

While one wonders how it may perform with lumbar support, the Chairbox creator said that a study found that spending six to eight hours a day sitting increased the risk of death. Also, the mortality risk is comparable to that of being obese and smoking.

This 3D model imagines an office chair in the form of a coffin. It pokes fun at workplace culture. 

With this ironic twist on the office chair, workaholics can remain seated at their desks indefinitely.

This innovative design, which has a wooden frame on casters, was inspired by Chairbox's own experience of working long hours at his desk.

The Chaibox website reads, "By design, humans weren't created to sit on chairs for eight hours a day. The whole behavioural shift happened recently and our bodies haven't adapted yet. Even if you exercise it's still not enough. Also, there is a law in the UK that makes employers provide standing desk options at their offices. The awareness is there but it's not enough."

"You've made it through the week! Meanwhile we are happy to introduce our new product. The Last Shift Office Chair. If an employee dies at work, management needs to nail the top cover and roll them to a corporate cemetery. Simple yet efficient," reads the caption of the post on Instagram.

The designer mentioned the "grind culture at work" on its website, saying, "What's shocking is that it's widely accepted by society, it became a norm that we spend our lives at work slowly killing ourselves and getting almost nothing out of it. The whole grind culture is just wrong, it feels to me like voluntary slavery. We've been gaslit into thinking that this is life as it supposes to be. We sit in those coffins and generate value for the stakeholders, but once the time has come they nail the lid and roll us to the corporate cemetery."

Intense responses to this chair have also been seen on social media. One person said, "No thanks," refusing to utilise this chair.

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