Scientists Are Attempting To Open A Portal To A Parallel Universe

"It's pretty wacky," says physicist Leah Broussard

The idea of parallel universes has captivated the imagination of scientists, novelists and screenwriters for decades. Now, researchers in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee are trying to find out whether or not parallel universes exist - by attempting to open a portal into one.

According to NBC News, physicist Leah Broussard will conduct a series of experiments by firing a beam of neutrons through a 50-foot tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, the particles will hit an impenetrable wall. A neutron detector will be set up on the other end of the wall.

If the setup is right, some of those particles will transform into mirror-image versions of themselves, passing through the wall. If the neutron detector detects a neutron, it could prove the existence of a parallel dimension.

"It's pretty wacky," Ms Broussard tells NBC News.

But if you are expecting to find a mirror version of yourself in the parallel universe, that probably won't happen. Instead, you will find mirror atoms, rocks, stars and possibly even mirror planets, according to Insh.

Watch the video above to find out how the discovery of a parallel dimension will help our understanding of the universe.

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