This Article is From Apr 11, 2018

'Robotic' Mark Zuckerberg Appears In Front Of US Congress, Memes Follow

"Mark Zuckerbot at his congress hearing," tweeted one user

'Robotic' Mark Zuckerberg Appears In Front Of US Congress, Memes Follow

Mark Zuckerberg became the subject of many memes on Twitter.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg appeared in front of the US Congress on Tuesday afternoon to answer questions about the mishandling of user data by his company. The founder of Facebook said he took personal responsibility for the leak of data on tens of millions of its users as he faced hours of questioning from lawmakers. However, what got Twitter's attention were not his answers, but the way he looked. Clad in a navy blue suit, Mark Zuckerberg looked visibly uncomfortable and awkward. In fact, as most people noticed, he looked distinctly... robotic.

And then the memes began:

Everything from his smile to the way he drank water was scrutinized
His awkwardness was gold for Twitter
Digs were taken
And jokes cracked
And even his booster seat was not spared
The Facebook chief has been under mounting pressure over the hijacking of its user data by Cambridge Analytica, a British political consultant firm. It is estimated that the firm harvested the data of about 87 million users to psychologically profile voters during the 2016 election in the US.

During his testimony at Washington, Mark Zuckerberg assured the senate that his company will do "everything" to ensure the upcoming elections in India and other countries are safe.

"2018 is an important year for the whole world. Several countries like India, Pakistan will have elections. We'll do everything possible to ensure these elections are safe," Mr Zuckerberg said during the hearing.

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