This Article is From Aug 28, 2017

Splashed With Paint On Air, Reporter Learns Perils (And Fun) Of Live News

"Moments like these are needed in a world gone mad"

Splashed With Paint On Air, Reporter Learns Perils (And Fun) Of Live News

A TV reporter was sent to cover the Notting Hill Carnival and ended up being covered in paint on air

Sky News reporter Joe Tidy was sent to cover the Notting Hill Carnival in London over the weekend. During an early morning live broadcast on Sunday, excited carnival-goers made sure he wouldn't feel left out during the festivities and promptly covered him in colourful paint. Mr Tidy's good-humoured reaction is winning the Internet.

A video of the colourful incident, tweeted by Sky News, begins with Mr Tidy speaking to a group of carnival-goers covered head-to-toe in paint. 

A group of revellers soon gathers around them and suddenly, his shirt gets sprayed with paint.

The smiling Mr Tidy announces: "Here we go, the paint, here we go, oh dear. Okay, yes, that's a bit of paint on me, great."

Then, a carnival-goer smears bright blue paint across the journalist's face.

"Oh come on, it was going to happen, wasn't it? Right, I'll hand back to you guys," Mr Tidy laughs sheepishly as he hands over to the anchors in studio.

The camera cuts to the two anchors in studio trying to suppress their laughter. 

"Joe, if you're going to be down there, you've got to get into the spirit of it," one of them says.

Watch the video below:
The anchors' faces really say it all:
On Twitter, people couldn't help but appreciate Mr Tidy's upbeat demeanour: 
Mr Tidy took to Twitter to update everyone on the status of his blue shirt. Much like our clothes after Holi, looks like it's time to turn that shirt into a rag or a pochcha
Meanwhile, one person had this witty suggestion for Mr Tidy's next outing to the carnival: 
The annual Notting Hill carnival is known as Europe's "biggest street party." The event, spread over two days, sees colourful parades as well as dancers and musicians descend on West London. Click for more trending news