On your phone, lessons on sari draping, tie knotting and making paper planes

On your phone, lessons on sari draping, tie knotting and making paper planes
What do you use your smartphones for? A mix of games and media consumption, maybe some web browsing, mail and social media? There's actually a ton of cool apps that you can install to learn new things. Apps like Duolingo or Memrise can teach you a new language, while the sheer number of fitness trainers that teach you how to work out is mind boggling.

But there's a lot more to see as well - apps that teach you all sorts of useful skills and a few useless ones too!

Sari - a step-by-step sari draping tutorial
A new app that launched recently, the step by step sari tutor is well made and makes it simple to learn what is a very useful skill for some. In today's age, urban working women are often isolated from those who can teach them these skills. For many, their professional wardrobes don't require them to wear a sari, and thus sari-draping has become a dying art.

You can learn to drape a sari for free on the internet, but the advantage of using the app, which costs Rs 110, is that it is extremely well designed and stays at your fingertips at all times. There are FAQs which tell you a lot about the history of the sari and different types of saris, while there are also detailed illustrations to guide you through every step if the process. And if the illustration doesn't make sense at any point, then there are also videos you can watch to see how one particular step should be carried out.

How To Tie A Tie Free
Like the sari for women, the tie is an essential element of men's formal outfits. But again, since many men don't learn to tie a tie as children, it's a skill that's getting lost. There's a lot of amazing YouTube channels that can guide you through the whole process of tying a tie, but if you want something you can carry around with you while you travel and can be propped up next to the mirror, then the app becomes really useful.

How To Tie A Tie Free is one of the nicest looking options, but while the basic app and one instruction is free, unlocking the rest takes Rs. 170. But if you need to know what the different types of formal knots are or how to wear a scarf styilishly, this money will be well spent. The app has everything you need. The best part is that it can use your device camera to show an illustration overlay on top of your own real tie, helping you follow the instructions more simply.
How To Make Paper Airplanes

Yes, making a paper plane is probably not a high value skill. But if it keeps the stress levels down, isn't it valuable in this modern world? Most people would know only one or maybe two techniques for folding and cutting a plane that can fly, with dozens of minor variations possibly. Actually, though, there are dozens of styles that you can follow to make dramatically different planes with different aerodynamics.

How To Make Paper Airplanes is free, but there are ads in the app. Removing the ads is a Rs 110 in-app purchase. There are detailed 3D models which show you every step of the process, and even before you load a particular design, you can see how complex it is, and how many steps are involved in putting your airplane together. It's a brilliant app that is really an essential download for everyone.

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