On #WorldEmojiDay, Guessing Games Flood Twitter. How Many Can You Answer?

Can you guess these 10 things using only the emojis given?

On #WorldEmojiDay, Guessing Games Flood Twitter. How Many Can You Answer?

Can you guess the song by looking at the emojis?

Since 2014, World Emoji Day has been celebrated every year on July 17. World Emoji Day was founded by Jeremy Burge, the creator of Emojipedia, which is an unofficial Wikipedia for emojis. This year, to celebrate this unofficial holiday, Apple has released 70 new emojis, while Facebook and Twitter have unveiled statistics on how social media users use emojis. However, the  most fun thing about World Emoji Day this year is the flurry of guessing games that have flooded Twitter.

From "Guess the song" to "Guess the movie," brands and companies have tried to engage people with emoji-themed games. The premise is very simple -  simply use the numerous emojis on the screen to guess the name of the song, movie, video game etc.

We collected some of the best ones for you. Go ahead and see how many you can answer:

Can you decode these songs?

What about this hit number?

Do you know which famous movie this is?

And this?

Do you know which famous saying this is?

This movie guessing game is pretty simple

Do you know which Indian cities this airline is talking about?

And finally... can you guess the word by looking at the emoji?

How many could you answer? Do let us know using the comments section below.


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