On Camera: Man Collapses Instantly After Being Struck By Lightning. Then...

"I'm lucky to be alive," says Alexander Coreas

On Camera: Man Collapses Instantly After Being Struck By Lightning. Then...

Alex Coreas collapsed on a sidewalk after being struck by lightning.

Chilling surveillance footage has captured the moment a man collapsed after being struck by lightning and was saved by three Good Samaritans. A security camera at the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Texas, USA, captured the moment that Alexander Coreas was hit by a bolt of lightning while walking his three dogs on Thursday. The video shows a bolt of lightning strike Mr Coreas, making him fall forward, unconscious, on the sidewalk. His terrified dogs are seen running away.

Luckily for Mr Coreas, help was at hand. According to a GoFundMe page set up by Mr Coreas' family, Bill Wilson, a vet technician from Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital found him without a heartbeat. He, along with Corey Hart and Christy Mittler, other employees of the hospital, took turns in administering CPR until they could find a pulse, possibly saving Mr Coreas' life.

"His shoes and his socks got blown off his feet," Ms Mittler told ABC 13. A hole was left on the ground where lightning struck the 27-year-old mechanic.

The whole incident was captured on camera:

Mr Coreas was airlifted to a hospital, Memorial Hermann. "The first thing I remember was kind of waking up in the helicopter, and they told me I'd been hit by lightning," he said to ABC 13.

According to Daily Mail, he is currently suffering from fractured ribs, a fractured temporal bone, a swollen eye, bruising, and many muscle ruptures due from the strike. He says, however, that he is lucky to have survived the ordeal.

"I'm lucky to be alive, and I just want to go on living my life," he said.

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