On Camera: Baby Nyala Charges At Leopard Repeatedly In Bid To Escape

"While the nyala's only instinct was to run, it was not nearly fast enough to actually get away," says Andre Fourie.

A heartbreaking video shows a baby nyala repeatedly headbutting a leopard in an attempt to escape the predator. The video was filmed by safari guide Andre Fourie at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

"While the nyala's only instinct was to run, it was not nearly fast enough to actually get away, so the leopard just kept trotting behind it almost as if it found it amusing,"Mr Fourie told Latest Sightings.

The video shows the little antelope charging at the big cat after realising that it wasn't going to be able to run away. It is seen persistently ramming the leopard with its head - ultimately in vain.

"Because there was no enticement, the leopards' instinct to kill also vanished," said Mr Fourie to Latest Sightings. "The two then settled down together for a while before walking off with the baby nyala actually walking after the leopard, following it." The whole interaction lasted at least an hour and 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, despite the baby nyala's initial attempts to escape and fight, the leopard won in the end. A video of the incident shows the leopard swiftly killing the nyala and moving on.

"Working as a guide, we tend to refrain from getting emotionally involved with predator and prey interactions, but my guests found this sighting incredibly interesting and mentioned that this was something they had never seen or even heard of," said Mr Fourie.

He added that even if the nyala had managed to escape, its mother would probably have rejected it as it would have smelled too much like a predator.

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