Nanny Jumps In Front Of Speeding Car To Protect Kids

A GoFundMe campaign for Marina Fuentes has managed to raise more than $30,000

Nanny Jumps In Front Of Speeding Car To Protect Kids

Marina Fuentes saved two children from serious injuries by jumping in front of a car.

A nanny is being hailed a hero on the Internet for jumping in front of a speeding car to protect her two charges. Marina Fuentes was caring for two children when a driver plowed down the sidewalk in a Washington DC neighbourhood, according to People Magazine

The three had been walking down the sidewalk on September 15 when the car came barreling toward them. It was being driven by a suspect who had stolen it. 

"At approximately 4:55 pm, a delivery driver left his vehicle running unattended at the listed location. The suspect entered the vehicle and began to flee. As the suspect fled the scene, he lost control of the vehicle and struck the delivery driver, an adult female and two juveniles," the Metropolitan Police Department said in a press release.

On noticing the speeding car, Ms Fuentes quickly jumped in front of the children, aged 2 and 7, to shield them. Her act of bravery left her injured, but protected her wards from any serious injuries. 

"I got in front of the little girl, and I hear a bump in the back," she told NBC News4 in a phone interview from her hospital bed. 

Despite being in pain with broken bones, she was focused on the children in her care. "I look down and got the stroller with baby and wrapped it with my hands, with my arms to my chest," she said.

Video footage released by the Metropolitan Police Department shows the suspect fleeing the scene on foot after the crash. The police is seeking assistance in identifying him.

Marina Fuentes, meanwhile, is recovering in the hospital. She has undergone one operation and does not know when she will be able to go back to work. A GoFundMe campaign has been organised for her by Claire Keller.

"She suffered multiple broken bones and needs several surgeries, but fortunately the doctors think she will be able to mostly recover in about six months. Because Marina won't be able to work during that time, we want to join together with the other supportive family, friends and neighbors to raise money that she can use for her mortgage and other expenses," reads the fundraiser description. 

Over $30,000 has been raised so far for the "local hero". 

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