Nagaland Minister Dons A Superhero Avatar With A Mission, Internet In Splits

Social media users were immediately amused by the humorous GIF, and many expressed a desire to travel to the north-eastern state.

Nagaland Minister Dons A Superhero Avatar With A Mission, Internet In Splits

The GIF shows the Nagaland minister hovering in the air.

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along, who is well-known for his amusing social media posts, is skilled at communicating ideas and promoting his native state through social media.

He shared a post today in a tweet that provided a lighthearted glimpse into the state's strategy for promoting tourism in Nagaland.

In a GIF he shared, the Nagaland minister is seen hovering in the air while wearing a superhero outfit and talking to a man.

His tweet in Hindi, when translated to English, reads as "After Superman, Spider-Man now presents "T-Man," where "T" means Temjen/Tourism. Want to visit Nagaland? Who wants to fly with me?"

This post received a lot of likes and comments, just like his earlier tweets. Most individuals were enthusiastic about Nagaland's tourism strategy. The feedback from followers demonstrates that tourists from various regions of India are interested in visiting Nagaland, and if plans are carried out successfully, tourism to Nagaland could experience a major increase in the upcoming years.

"This is great, Sir Ji, and as an academic and professional in tourism, I feel there is tremendous potential in Nagaland as a destination. I am ready to promote NT with AT (Nagaland Tourism along with Along Temjen) or just "Along Nagaland," the land of rising Surya," commented a user.

"It will be the best idea. I have always wanted to visit Nagaland. It's a beautiful place I have seen through some of my friends' status updates. It will be better if we create holiday homes and more places to stay. Since we could not find places, I'm in the local area; online, we searched," another user commented.

A third user commented with a decent suggestion: "Can we please push Aadi mahotsav (tribal art and handicrafts) into foreign countries via consulates, so that artists get recognition worldwide and make good money for their hard work?" This will support tribal women too."

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