This Article is From Dec 07, 2021

Viral Video Of Runaway Luggage At Airport Has Internet In Stitches

"Someone probably filling out a lost luggage report," wrote one viewer

Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport? Or you might have heard of such incidents where luggage gets misplaced during flights. No matter how mysterious they may seem to be, we have found one answer to the problem of misplaced airport luggage: your bag might have decided to take a solo walk down the airport ramp. You don't think that's possible, do you? However, we can see it happening in a viral video on YouTube. A clip uploaded by ViralHog shows an unattended roller suitcase moving down an airport ramp in Dallas, Texas in the USA. A truck passes it but doesn't bother to pull over for the bag, which continues to move in a straight line. Later, other vehicles approach the suitcase and it seems that one of them fetches the lost suitcase.

The incident occurred on November 8, 2021. The person who recorded the video wrote, "On a particularly windy day, I was sitting in the admirals club at DFW International Airport when I saw a bag fall off a luggage trolley." He added, "The roller bag landed upright on its wheels and continued to roll for almost a minute straight until a ground crew pulled over to retrieve it."

With over 85,000 views on YouTube, the clip has tickled many on the video-sharing platform. An astonished user wrote, "So that's what happens to all the “misplaced” luggage…It literally rolled on outta there." Another person imagined a worst-case scenario and said, "I swear if I was in the plane and saw my suitcase running away like that, I'd go nuts."

Viewers had something more to notice in the video. They couldn't help but admire the wheels that smoothly took the suitcase down the ramp. A user wrote, "That's really funny especially the wheels on that luggage are insane...Also, someone probably filling out a lost luggage report." A comment under the video read, "Need to know the brand. Those rollers are amazing."

A few got creative and wrote funny narratives about the bag. "The luggage was like “It's over I'm leaving you”," wrote a user. Another speculated what would happen if "it gets to speed and takes off like a plane."

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