Men Run After Escaped Tiger, Throw Lasso To Capture It In Bizarre Video

After cornering the tiger, one man tosses the lasso to rope it in.

Men Run After Escaped Tiger, Throw Lasso To Capture It In Bizarre Video

Men in Mexico were filmed using a lasso to capture a tiger.

Strange footage of three men running after an escaped tiger and throwing a lasso to capture it has left social media users speechless. Filmed in Mexico, the video shows three men chasing a tiger which apparently escaped its enclosure and decided to explore the great outdoors. One of the men, wearing a white cowboy hat, is seen holding a lasso - a loop of rope that cowboys use to catch cattle. Behind the men, a white van is seen driving down the road.

After the van helps the three men corner the tiger, one of them uses a folding chair to block the big cat's way and prevent it from running further down the road. The man with the rope then manages to lasso the tiger in just before the video ends abruptly. 

According to Politico News, the incident occurred in Jalisco and the 20-second video was captured by a motorist passing the area. The video was shared on Twitter two days ago. Take a look at it below:

The video has been re-posted by several accounts, raking up thousands of views on the microblogging platform. The bizarre footage has also collected a number of amazed comments, with many pointing out that it looked like animal abuse to capture the tiger like that. 

"Tiger catching starter kit: folding chair & lasso," wrote one person. "Poor wild animal being treated like that," said another.

It is not clear where the tiger escaped from, although some social media users suggested that it might have run away from a private zoo.

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