Mark Zuckerberg's Surfing Video Holding US Flag Has Internet Divided

In the video, Mark Zuckerberg is seen wakeboarding as John Denver's Take Me Home, Country Roads plays in the background.

Mark Zuckerberg's Surfing Video Holding US Flag Has Internet Divided

Mark Zuckerberg's video soon made its way to other social media platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg manages to create a ripple on Twitter each time he drops a post and it was no different when he shared a video on the occasion of US Independence Day. The  37-year-old decided to celebrate July 4 by riding a surfboard with the picturesque mountains in the background. The video, shared on Facebook by Mr Zuckerberg features the John Denver classic Take Me Home, Country Roads playing in the background. The wakeboarding video was accompanied by the simple caption, "Happy July 4th."

The video soon made its way to other social media platforms such as Twitter and elicited quite the response from the good folks on the Internet. A user named Seyi Taylor posted the video on the micro-blogging platform and in less than 12 hours, the video has garnered as many as 4 million views.

And the reactions to the video ranged from downright confused to amused. Responding to the post, one user named Rob Nunn said he was not sure what he had witnessed.

Another user said that Mr Zuckerberg's wakeboarding skills looked like "science fiction".

Another user, Philip Lewis, took a dig at Mark Zuckerberg's over-the-top antics. 

Many others could not wrap their head around why Mr Zuckerberg posted the video and wondered if he thought he would come off looking cool. "His friends don't like him if they don't save him from this," read one comment.

For some users, the video was a strict no-no.

Many users failed to understand just how the tech giant had arrived at this idea.

It had to be the nerd in the Facebook founder speaking, one user said.

Here are some of the other fun reactions:

  However, there were some users who even loved the video. 

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