This Article is From Mar 08, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard Dropout, Will Finally Get His Degree

Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard Dropout, Will Finally Get His Degree

Facebook founder, and Harvard dropout, Mark Zuckerberg will deliver the commencement speech at Harvard

Facebook founder, and famously a Harvard dropout, Mark Zuckerberg is finally heading back to school. This time, he'll even get a degree. In a Facebook video, Mr Zuckerberg reveals he will be giving the commencement speech at Harvard's upcoming graduation ceremony in May. Mr Zuckerberg founded Facebook during his second year there in 2004. He left Harvard to focus full-time on the social media platform, which now boasts nearly 2 billion users worldwide. Mr Zuckerberg's video on Facebook features an equally famous Harvard dropout - Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Read on to find out what advice Mr Gates, who spoke at the university's 2007 graduation, has for Mr Zuckerberg.
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Microsoft's Bill Gates, another famous Harvard dropout, has some advice for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

The video begins with the tech billionaires hanging out, eating snacks, when the invitation to speak at Harvard arrives. "I remember you did it 10 years ago when Priscilla (his wife) graduated," Mr Zuckerberg tells Mr Gates. "I was there." 

"Thirty years later than I was supposed to," he laughs in response.

"They know we didn't actually graduate, right?" Mr Zuckerberg asks Mr Gates.

"Oh, that is the best part," he explains. "They actually give you a degree."

The video ends with Mr Gates offering to help Mr Zuckerberg write his speech. 

"Always happy to help, Mark. Good luck on your speech," comments Mr Gates on the Facebook video. "Hope the honorary degree helps you land your dream job."

Watch the entire video here:

At 32, as Harvard's daily student newspaper The Harvard Crimson notes, Mr Zuckerberg is the youngest commencement speaker selected in recent history. 

"Two ways to get a Harvard degree - go to class or build a company that changes the world," writes Deborah Liu on Facebook. "I think both of you took the hard way. And we thank you for it!"