Man Sets World Record Juggling Three Knives While Walking On Slackline In US

Edgar Yudkevich captured the record for the greatest distance traveled on a slackline while juggling three knives when he took on the challenge in Coronado.

Man Sets World Record Juggling Three Knives While Walking On Slackline In US

Edgar Yudkevich is a professional slackliner.

In California, a skilled circus performer, Edgar Yudkevich, undertook a remarkable feat by mounting a slackline and covering a distance of 34 feet and 4 inches while neatly juggling three knives. This extraordinary accomplishment earned Yudkevich the recognition from Guinness World Records for achieving the greatest distance travelled on a slackline while simultaneously juggling three knives. The impressive display of balance and precision took place in Coronado, showcasing Yudkevich's exceptional talent and earning him a prestigious place in the World record books.

Edgar Yudkevich, originally from Poway, California, USA, is a professional slackliner. Slacklining is a sport where individuals walk along a rope suspended above the ground between two points, resembling tightrope walking. Before Edgar started walking on it, the slackline was set up one meter above the ground. Inspired by knowing several Guinness World Records title holders personally, he decided to challenge himself and attempt to break a record.

"The day that I attempted this record was on World Circus Day and there was a community gathering of circus artists in Coronado, California," Edgar told the Guinness World Records.

"Because I am constantly training as a circus artist, I regularly do feats that others don't understand, but that I feel are quite safe performing," said Edgar. 

"In this case, I've had over 12 years of daily practice in juggling and balancing to aid me."

On the day of the record attempt, Edgar only practised a few times.

As per GWR, he says he's normally in decent enough shape to be able to perform this stunt because he constantly balances and juggles in the circus. Although Edgar is confident in his abilities, he was worried about repetitive strain during his record attempt.

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