Man Pushes Monkey Into Water "For Fun." Watch Why It Was A Really Bad Idea

The monkey's reaction to this so-called "prank" was epic

Man Pushes Monkey Into Water 'For Fun.' Watch Why It Was A Really Bad Idea

Looks like the tourist got the perfect lesson on karma.

It's never a good idea to provoke a person or an animal just for the fun of it. And in case one ever forgets this basic rule about living a happy and safe life, this video all the way from China can act as a perfect reminder. The video circulating on social media shows a tourist purposely pushing a monkey into water. The monkey retaliated and counter-attacked the offending tourist. The result is this beautiful example of karma.

According to PearVideo, the video was recorded on April 23 at a temple in Dehua County, China's Fujian province. The footage shows the man standing near a monkey that had its back towards the tourist. The man then suddenly pushes the primate into a pool of water. What he didn't anticipate was the monkey's reaction to this so-called "prank."

Within splits seconds of the shove, the monkey climbed back up and chased after the man who was forced to take cover inside the temple. What's more, another monkey that saw the attack also charged straight towards the errant human.

The man sustained some injuries to his hands. However, he was eventually saved from the monkeys' wrath thanks to the intervention of other humans, reports Shanghaiist.Click for more trending news

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