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Man Develops 120-Year-Old Photos. The Result Has People Amazed

"Nothing changed in 120 years... " wrote one person in the comments section.

Man Develops 120-Year-Old Photos. The Result Has People Amazed

Mathieu Stern developed negatives he found in a time capsule from the 1900s.

The Internet is glad that some things, at least, have not changed in the last 120 years after seeing the photos that emerged out of negatives found in a time capsule. YouTuber Mathieu Stern was alerted to a possible time capsule hidden in his old family home by a relative. A time capsule is a container with a selection of objects that is buried or hidden for future discovery, with the items chosen being typical of the present time. 

"After investigation I found a box dating from around 1900," wrote Mr Stern in a blog post. The box was full of the "precious possessions" of a "little girl" living in the 1900s, and among them he found 120-year-old glass-plate negatives of cat photos. 

"I then decided to develop them using one of the oldest ways to make solar prints: cyanotype," he wrote, and shared the result in a YouTube video which has thousands fascinated. In the video, Mr Stern is seen developing the negatives. One of them reveals a picture of a regal-looking cat, while another shows two cats with a dog. 

"She wanted her beloved cat not to be forgotten," wrote the YouTuber in a video slide. Take a look at the video below:

The video has collected over 8 lakh views and hundreds of amazed comments since being shared online. 

"Nothing changed in 120 years... People just love to take picture of their cats," wrote one person in the comments section. 

"This made my heart so happy that I cried a little," said another.

"I just imagined the little girl, her best friend the kitty, the kitten, and her doggy watching you develop the photos from heaven together with big smiles!" a commenter wrote.

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