Love Is In The Air: Pics From High-Wire Artist's Wedding On Tightrope

"Every marriage is a tightrope walk," said the bride

Love Is In The Air: Pics From High-Wire Artist's Wedding On Tightrope

Anna Traber got married in a 'tightrope wedding' in Germany.

Love was in the air, quite literally, in the German town of Breisach on Saturday, where a high-wire artist got married metres above the ground. Anna Traber, 33, held her wedding ceremony on a tightrope, above the marketplace of her hometown.

According to local news outlet BNN, Anna, who belongs to the Traber family of artists, married Sven Lier in the unique ceremony. The bride's father Johann Traber drove the couple with a motorcycle over the rope.

Stunning pictures from the wedding have bene widely circulated on social media. They show the bride, dressed in traditional white sitting on a flower-covered swing with her groom as it hangs from a tightrope. A crowd of spectators watches from the ground as they get married mid-air.

Take a look at the beautiful photographs below:

The pictures have collected a ton of admiring comments, with some praising the couple's courage.

"Very nice," wrote one person, while another made heart emojis.

"Every marriage is a tightrope walk," Anna Traber said to English 24 News. "For our marriage, the tightrope should be the right starting point and a good omen."

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