Italians Hang Food Baskets From Balconies To Help The Homeless

The "Panaro solidale" initiative has earned a lot of praise on social media.

Italians Hang Food Baskets From Balconies To Help The Homeless

In Naples, people are hanging baskets of food from their balconies.

Amid a nation-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Italians are lowering baskets of food from their balconies to help those who are struggling. According to The Guardian, people in Naples have been filling bread baskets with food items like pasta, tomatoes and legumes and hanging them from their balconies, inviting the poor and the homeless to take what they need. 

A Twitter user shared photos of the baskets along with a translation of the sign that accompanies them. The sign reads: "If you can, put something inside. If you can't, take something"

According to the local reports, the initiative, known as "Panaro solidale", was started by a man named Angelo Picone. 

"It was spontaneous. Solidarity comes naturally to us. I always do these things with associations in the neighborhood and since we have to stay at home now, we do it from home too," Mr Picone said to Askanews

He said that the initiative began when he shared a meal with a homeless person who could not find food, as the coronavirus epidemic has closed canteens. It began to grow as people in the neighbourhood began to participate too. 

"This is true solidarity, not only to shut yourself up at home and think about protecting yourself, but also to think about others," he said. 

On social media, the Panaro solidale initiative has earned a lot of praise. 

"Proud of my city, in time of need their generosity is monumental," wrote one Twitter user. "That's just cheered me up no end," said another.

Italy has been the worst-hit European country by the coronavirus crisis. At least 13,000 people have died of coronavirus in the country. 

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