This Article is From Feb 21, 2017

ISRO Staff Gets Pizza Treat After Launching 104 Satellites

ISRO Staff Gets Pizza Treat After Launching 104 Satellites

ISRO employees got free pizzas after the launch of 104 satellites in space


  • Pizza Chain offered free pizzas to ISRO staff after world record
  • On Feb 15, ISRO launched 104 satellites in space at one go
  • Pizza Hut gave away pizzas worth Rs 6 lakh to 2000 ISRO employees: report
Pizzas are a great way to celebrate a big achievement at work and scientists at ISRO are no different. So, when ISRO made a world record by launching 104 satellites in space, a pizza chain was quick to sponsor the party!

Pizza Hut, a popular pizza chain, offered free pizzas to all ISRO employees across the country for their accomplishment. Pizza Hut invited ISRO staff to their outlets and avail their free pan pizzas. The announcement came on Twitter soon after the launch with a message for ISRO - 'we are loving it to the moon and back'. 
The chain gave free pizzas worth Rs. 6 lakh to over 2,000 ISRO employees to celebrate their success. The offer came with its list of 'terms and conditions' but Twitter appreciated the gesture.

On February 15, ISRO set a world record by putting 104 satellites in space at one go, the most by any space agency. They beat the Russian record of 37. Scientists at ISRO said the launch was not aimed at setting records. Bet the cheesy treat made their success even more worth it!

During government's demonetisation policy in November, the chain had offered free pizzas to people standing in long queues for cash and bankers who worked tirelessly. As long as there is free pizza, we're not complaining.

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No party like a pizza party!