Ice Couch To Ice Helmet: AI Artist Imagines Summer In "Parallel Universe"

The images have been created using Midjourney.

Ice Couch To Ice Helmet: AI Artist Imagines Summer In 'Parallel Universe'

"Much needed," commented a person.

The viral Artificial Intelligence trend has taken over social media, and artists are now using several AI tools to come up with fascinating results. Artificial intelligence has gotten so advanced that people can generate all sorts of images without putting a lot of effort into it. Many artists have employed this technology to produce unimaginable images. Now, an artist used Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program, to reimagine alternative ways that can help people beat the heat this summer.

The series of images, dubbed "Summer in a Parallel Universe," features people using an ice sofa with a backdrop of India Gate. In another picture, a woman is seen driving an ice scooter on the road. Other images include an old woman wearing a helmet made of ice, and commoners strapping fans and air conditioners to their bodies to bring portable cooling gear to work. Another picture also depicts an auto driver using sunglasses with built-in fans to keep himself cool. In one picture, a small truck is towing a huge air conditioner that is three times its size. The last picture in the series depicts a bizarre sight where a lady is carrying a huge umbrella with a row of fans around it.

"Summer in a parallel universe...," reads the caption of the post. Since being shared, the images have amassed over 2.9 lakh likes on Instagram.
"AI Can't Replace Garmi me Sardi," said a user.

Another wrote, "Unbelievable"

A user added, "It's too awesome"

"Much needed," commented a fourth person.

"Beautiful," added a person.

Meanwhile, India is set to experience extreme heat during the April to June period, with the central and western peninsular parts expected to face the worst impact, the IMD said on Monday as the country prepares for seven-phase general elections from April 19, as per news agency PTI.

India Meteorological Department (IMD) Director General Mrutyunjay Mohapatra said above-normal maximum temperatures are likely over most parts of the country during the April-June period, with a high probability over central and western peninsular India.

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