Husky Horde Storms Through Chinese Mall After Daring Escape From Dog Cafe

Eventually, the majority of the huskies were located, with only a handful of adventurous pups continuing to revel in their escapade.

Husky Horde Storms Through Chinese Mall After Daring Escape From Dog Cafe

Staff reacted quickly and managed to round them all up.

A shopping mall in Shenzhen, China, witnessed a furry frenzy recently when over 100 huskies staged a daring escape from a dog cafe. Videos of the adorable chaos went viral on social media platform Weibo,according to the South China Morning Post.

Reports suggest the door of the "Haha Husky Cute Pets" cafe was accidentally left open, allowing the energetic escapees to roam free. The cafe staff explained that the excitement stemmed from the owner's return after a long absence. The joyful huskies, eager to greet their owner, bolted through the open door when a customer entered, as per the news outlet.

The mall became a husky playground, with the playful pups running, howling, and even snatching snacks from surprised shoppers. Fortunately, staff managed to round up most of the escapees within an hour. Seven particularly mischievous huskies received a unique punishment: dinner with chicken legs! Two others, deemed "greedy" for stealing customer snacks, are yet to be apprehended.

The cafe issued a sincere apology and offered compensation to the affected customers. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the cafe's operations continue as usual. They expressed gratitude to the police, mall management, and helpful bystanders who assisted in the canine capture.

"Haha Husky Cute Pets" boasts over 100 friendly huskies. Visitors can enjoy tea while interacting with the fluffy companions. The cafe even sells dog food and allows guests to play with the pups on the floor or stairs. Past customers rave about the affectionate nature of these "Erha," as huskies are nicknamed in China, praising their friendliness and playful posing skills.

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