Heartbreaking Pics Capture Devastation Caused By Australia Bushfires

The pics show stressed-out animals, blood-red skies, smoke-filled communities and raging flames.

Heartbreaking Pics Capture Devastation Caused By Australia Bushfires

Distressing images from the Australia bushfie crisis are being widely shared online.

Australia's months-long bushfire crisis has scorched land, killed people and wildlife, polluted the air and destroyed acres of forests. Record heat and strong winds have led to blazes ripping through the country at an alarming rate. According to Vox, the ongoing bushfire crisis has already killed more than 480 million animals and destroyed more than 900 homes. A number of heartbreaking images have emerged from this disaster that capture the true scale of devastation it has wrought.

The distressing images that are being widely circulated online show stressed-out animals, red skies, smoke-filled communities and raging flames.


One of the most heartbreaking photos that went viral online shows a baby kangaroo scorched by the blaze in Adelaide Hills.

Dehydrated animals have been filmed walking up to people for water and assistance.

According to NRMA Insurance, this viral picture of a koala clinging to a firefighter was clicked after the animal approached him for water.


The Australian fires have also resulted in blood-red skies in parts of the country.

Australia Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that nearly 4,000 cattle and sheep have been killed as a result of the fires.

An image that went viral shows a koala standing alongside a firefighter as they confront a sky filled with flames and smoke

Approximately 30% of the forest in New South Wales has been burned, Owen Price, an Associate Professor at the Centre for Environmental Risk Management of Bushfire at the University of Wollongong, told Time Magazine.


Photo Credit: AFP

Helicopters have been deployed to fight the bushfires.


17-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg also spoke about the crisis on Instagram and wrote: "My thoughts are with the people of Australia and those affected by these devastating fires."

On Monday, light rain and cool winds brought some relief from heatwave-fuelled blazes that ripped through two states over the weekend, but officials warned the hazardous weather conditions were expected to return later in the week.

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