This Article is From Oct 20, 2021

Diwali Ki Safai Has Begun, And So Have The Memes

Diwali cleaning memes crop up every year before the festival of lights

Diwali Ki Safai Has Begun, And So Have The Memes

Diwali ki safai: Diwali cleaning inspires a ton of memes every year.

Diwali is just around the corner. People wait for the festival of lights to remove darkness and troubles from their lives, and as a symbolic gesture, we clean our homes and shops as well before Diwali to welcome happiness and prosperity with open arms. While this is an annual ritual, most people get excited and anxious about “Diwali ki safai” or Diwali cleaning in equal measure. But, removing dust and dirt from every corner of the house can be a task - and people try to lighten the workload with humour.

Many social media users have given this cleanliness mission a humorous turn and are having a laugh while they clean their homes. Many of them have resorted to memes to express their feelings. Check some of the funniest Diwali ki safai below:

Some said it's the “season of exploitation” of tall guys, who are usually asked to reach to that distant corner of the house to either take out something not touched for the whole year or climb onto something short people can't.

Recalling the experience over the years, another user described the pattern they usually follow during “Diwali Ki Safai”.

“Diwali Ki Safai is on the way. An advice to people living in a different world of 'ishq wala love'! 'Kindly displace your love letters',” said a third user.

Diwali will be celebrated on November 4 this year.

Which of these memes made you laugh?

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