This Article is From Apr 06, 2017

Facebook Stories Update Leads To Hilarious 'Will Now Have Stories' Meme

Facebook Stories Update Leads To Hilarious 'Will Now Have Stories' Meme

Facebook's latest stories feature was faced with huge criticism for aping Snapchat

New Delhi: When Facebook launched the 'Stories' feature last week, it faced huge criticism from users around the world for aping its rival Snapchat. Earlier in 2016, Facebook-owned Instagram too had launched the stories feature and faced backlash. With the new stories update, users can now post stories - photos or videos - through the Facebook app. Much like with Snapchat, these stories disappear after 24 hours. Well, given that almost every social media platform seems to have stories now, Twitter-users (so far story-free) decided to have some fun.

Using the keyword 'will now have stories,' they decided to make some hilarious memes about all the things in 2017 that will be updated with the stories feature. Have a look:

Medieval manuscripts will have stories
Excel sheets will have stories
The day is not far when...
Math students, rejoice!
Even vegetables will not be spared
The Bible will have stories too
Fast food chains will not be spared either
A political point was sneaked in
Even stories will have more stories!
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