This Article is From Mar 28, 2023

Employee Describes "Healthy Workplace" After "Frustrated" Conversation With Boss

Twitter user Stuti (@stutiraii) shared a story of a frustrated day at work.

Employee Describes 'Healthy Workplace' After 'Frustrated' Conversation With Boss

Her post is winning hearts on Twitter. (Picture credit: Unsplash)

Work often gets overwhelmingly, affecting employees' productivity. But a healthy work environment not only helps in maintaining good professional relationships but also motivates staffers to give their best performances.

Twitter user Stuti (@stutiraii) shared a story of a frustrated day at work when she didn't answer her boss' calls and then sent her a text saying that she didn't want to talk has been winning hearts on the internet.

She wrote, "After two unanswered calls, my boss messaged me, "please call back." I messaged her back, saying I'm frustrated and don't wanna talk, to which she replied, hand over your work to me and take 3-4 days off but don't be in a bad mood. This is what I call a healthy work culture!"

Check out the tweet here:

Her post received mixed reactions on Twitter. While some were impressed, others criticised her with the way the boss was treated. A user wrote, "Once a team member came office crying - some personal issue. I told her to stop working, asked her if she has someplace to refresh -- she wanted to visit the nearest place, sent her there during office hours, and she came back relatively happier and worked for rest of the day."

Another user wrote, "That is really nice, we spend a third of our life working/workplace so the right work culture and environment makes a huge difference to your productivity and positivity, this is really truly awesome to see."

Stuti also responded to another Twitter user and shared how she helped out an intern. "Once I took my intern out for coffee, I sense that something is bothering her. We spoke for good 45-50 mins and got her point. Eventually, she is now a junior DS and is happy with all of us. Treating a human as a human is necessary."

Not everyone was impressed with the post. A user wrote, "Sorry to say this but I don't stand with the way you responded."

Stuti responded, "she is familiar with the situation and yes I was a bit rude."

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