'Emotional Support Squirrel' Gets US Woman Kicked Off Flight

The woman initially refused to get off the plane, and had to be escorted out by cops

'Emotional Support Squirrel' Gets US Woman Kicked Off Flight

A Frontier Airlines flight was delayed by two hours of Tuesday.

A woman flying from Orlando to Cleveland was removed from her flight on Tuesday after she boarded with her emotional support animal - a squirrel. According to Fox News, Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident and said the woman was escorted off the flight because of the squirrel. The airline said that the unnamed passenger had informed them that she would be bringing an emotional support animal on board, but did not indicate that it would be a squirrel.

Frontier said "rodents, including squirrels are not allowed" on its flights. Only cats and dogs are accepted as emotional support animals on flights.

According to NBC News, the woman initially refused to get off the plane. Cops from the Orlando Police Department were then called, and they requested everyone on the flight to deplane so they could deal with the woman.

Videos circulating on social media show passengers clapping as the woman is finally escorted off the flight.

The whole fiasco delayed the flight by two hours - and led to a lot of amused comments on Twitter.

In January this year, United Airlines denied boarding to a passenger who showed up with her emotional support peacock.



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