Dramatic Dog 'Faints' To Avoid Nail Trimming. 5 Million Views For Video

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Dramatic Dog 'Faints' To Avoid Nail Trimming. 5 Million Views For Video

A viral video of a pitbull pretending to faint has amused millions.

And the award for the best actor goes to... this dog who pretended to faint when his owner tried to clip his nails. A video that has gone massively viral online shows a dramatic pitbull pulling a hilarious stunt when his owner brought out the nail clippers.

The video shows the dog ignoring his owner until she takes his paw and gets ready to clip his nails. The dog, at his dramatic best, then falls backwards in slow motion, eyes wide open and legs up (don't miss his sly side-eye at the end of the performance).

The video was posted to Reddit three days ago, and then shared on microblogging website Twitter, where it has collected a whopping 5.9 million views.

Take a look at the hilarious video below:

Along with almost 6 million views, the video has also collected thousands of amused comments from viewers impressed by the Oscar-worthy performance.

It also inspired others to share stories of their own pets and the things they do to avoid nail trimmings

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