This Article is From Jun 12, 2018

'Where Is Singapore?' Americans Ask Google As Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un

'Where is Singapore in the world' also saw a surge on Internet

'Where Is Singapore?' Americans Ask Google As Donald Trump Meets Kim Jong-Un

US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Ki Jong-Un meet at Singapore's Capella Hotel (reuters)

New Delhi: As US President Donald Trump landed in Singapore for a historic summit with reclusive North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, curious Americans went on the Internet to know all about the summit - starting with some basic questions. Data from Google Trends shows a spike in number of searches for 'where is Singapore' as the POTUS landed in the small nation for the key meeting on Tuesday. Search for 'where is Singapore in the world' also saw a surge. Search for the very specific terms also showed a spike on June 10 - the day the summit was announced.

Some other related queries - 'Where is North Korea', 'Is Singapore its own country' and 'Is Singapore in China or Japan'. *facepalm*
google search trump kim jong meeting

Google search data for 'where is Singapore'

Though not all questions were related to where Singapore is located. Some had other interesting queries.

Sample these:

'How tall is Kim Jong Un'

'Does Kim Jong Un speak English'

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un shook hands and held their their first one-on-one on ending a nuclear standoff in neutral Singapore Tuesday morning. When asked by a reporter how the meeting was going, Donald Trump described the 40-minute meeting as "very good. Very, very good. Good relationship". His North Korean counterpart was heard telling Mr Trump through a translator: "I think the entire world is watching this moment. Many people in the world will think of this as a scene from a fiction movie."

The two leaders also savoured a plethora of western, Korean, Chinese and Malay dishes at the swanky Capella hotel in Singapore, according to a menu card published by The White House. Some preparations included prawn cocktail, fresh octopus and Haagen-Dazs ice-cream.Click for more trending news