Funny Finalists From Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021

Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021: This year, the competition received over 2,000 entries

Funny Finalists From Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021

Gary the dog finds a warm spot to sit on a cold day

The Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021 have revealed the finalists for this year's edition of the competition, with 40 images making the shortlist. Among the most amusing pictures from this year are a two chicks discovering their own shadow, a dog using another as a seat, a laughing horse and several photobombing animals. These images were chosen from among 2,000 entries submitted from all over the world. Created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, the Comedy Pet Photo Awards aims to celebrate the positive role of pets in our lives and raise awareness about animal welfare.

This year, the competition has partnered with Animal Friends Insurance and will be donating 10,000 pounds to Animal Support Angels.

Here is a look at some of the funniest entries to Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2021:

Paint me like one of your French girls! By Anna Chambers


Cheeeese! By David Poznanter


Crazy in love with fall by Diana Jill Mehner


Sunbathers by Catherine Falls


A little massage by Christine Kaltenecker


Home skooling by Jacki Gordon


Photobomb by Kathryn Trott


Long Cow by Pier Luigi Dodi


Sit by Suzi Lonergan


Whizz pop by Zoe Ross


Embrace of love by Svetlana Pisareva


Cat Model by Kenichi Morinaga


"...That was a good one!!" by Jakub Gojda


Wine time! By Kathryn Clark


A Warm Spot on a Cold Day by Corey Seeman


The Eureka Moment! By Sophie Bonnefoi


You can check out the complete list of finalists here.

The winners of the competition will be announced in November, with the top image winning a cash prize of 2,000 pounds, a trophy and a goodie basket.

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