"Bull In A Mobile Shop": Video Shows Animal Barging Into Small Store With Two Workers

The incident was captured on CCTV and the viral video shows the men trying to escape as bystanders attempt to help.

'Bull In A Mobile Shop': Video Shows Animal Barging Into Small Store With Two Workers

The two men can been seen trying to extricate the bull.

You might be familiar with the saying "like a bull in a China shop," but a recent viral video took that phrase to a whole new level. In the video, a bull unexpectedly entered a mobile shop, causing significant damage, much like the expression suggests. This surprising incident caught the attention of many online users.

Captured by the shop's CCTV camera, the footage shows the bull leaping into the shop while two workers hurriedly tried to distance themselves from the animal. However, due to the limited space inside the shop, the workers struggled to find an exit as the bull blocked their way. Surprisingly, the bull remained relatively calm and stationary.

Efforts were made by bystanders to help free the trapped workers and the bull. They attempted to move the counter to create an opening for the bull to leave, but the animal struggled to fit through the narrow space. Although the video doesn't show the resolution, it's likely that everyone managed to exit the shop after the counter was moved. The video, shared by a user named Chirag Barjatya, quickly gained traction online, accumulating nearly a million views and over 8,000 likes.

The expressions of fear on the faces of the two workers were evident in the footage, evoking similar reactions from viewers in the comment section. Reflecting on the unexpected nature of the situation, the uploader posed a question to his followers about their wildest dreams, prompting discussion and engagement among users.

"I wasn't expecting a cow to fly into a tiny room," commented a user.

"It is likely scared, and I'm certain it is cared for by humans," wrote another user.

"Imagine trying to convince your insurance company if there was no video footage," commented a third user.

"I've heard of a 'bull in a China shop'... this is pretty close," wrote a fourth user.

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