Passengers On British Airways Flight Suffer "Buzzing" For 10 Hours


One of the passengers called it the "flight from hell" and posted videos on Twitter

The flight took off from London's Heathrow Airport on October 26 and was headed to Las Vegas

British Airways' flight from London's Heathrow Airport to Las Vegas on October 26 was "buzzing" in the literal sense.

Passengers on board complained that they had to suffer through 10 hours of humming noises throughout the flight. The noise that came from the public announcement system happened every fifteen minutes for five minutes, The Sun quotes passenger Nicole Lightbody.

According to Daily Mirror, the noise started after an oxygen mask fell from the plane ceiling and remained there for the entire flight.

Ms Lightbody said that flight attendants tried to deal with the annoying situation in every way possible.

"They came round with noise cancelling headphones for people to put on. There were people asking to be moved because of the noise," she told Mirror.

Adding insult to injury, the passenger from Glasgow said the airline offered her only a 20-pound voucher as compensation for enduring the "disaster" flight.

On Twitter, her cousin Shona Lightbody, who was also on the flight, posted two clips of what she called the "flight from hell".

"We apologised for a temporary issue with our public announcement system that affected a small number of customers on a flight last month which was quickly resolved," a British Airways spokesperson told Mirror.