Bollywood Logic: 5 Movie Cliches That Defy Common Sense

Overplayed Bollywood tropes we have watched again and again...

Bollywood Logic: 5 Movie Cliches That Defy Common Sense

A look at five Bollywood cliches that defy common sense.

Bollywood movies are full of things that would never happen in real life, and perhaps that is exactly what makes them so fun to watch. As fans, we willingly suspend disbelief as we watch the hero defy every known law of physics to save the damsel in distress. We don't bat an eyelid when we see an actress dancing in sub-zero temperatures wearing nothing but a chiffon saree, and we take it for granted that the lead actor will never die, no matter how many shots are fired at him. These are all overplayed Bollywood tropes we have watched again and again, even though we know they make little sense. Here is a look at some Bollywood cliches that have entertained generations of movie-goers, realistic or not:

Strangers know all the dance steps


If the hero starts dancing in the middle of a road or a club, you can be sure that everyone around him will drop everything they are doing to join him. Not only that, they will also know all the dance steps and will execute a perfectly choreographed dance routine, despite never having met him before. 

Flying cars

A trope popularised by director Rohit Shetty, whose movies would be incomplete without cars flying during over-the-top action sequences. In a 2015 interview, Mr Shetty had addressed criticism around the cliched used of cars in his movies, saying: " It's easy to make fun, to show that cars are flying. It is for entertainment. But it is a huge risk as far as entertainment is concerned."

Dancing in the snow in thin sarees


The image of an actress, clad in a thin chiffon saree, romancing amid snow-capped mountain peaks is one that every Bollywood fan is familiar with. Of course, no such rules exist for the hero, who is always seen in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing. 


Just as things start to get intimate between the lead couple, two flowers swing into view to conceal their kiss. Though this trope has been almost retired by Bollywood today, flowers were used as a metaphor for intimacy in several older films. 

Not seeing a person standing right next to you


If you have a secret, the one person you don't want knowing it will always be standing right there as you pour your heart out, oblivious to everything around you. This hilarious Bollywood cliche has been used in DDLJ, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and many more.  

Which Bollywood cliche do you think is the funniest? Let us know using the comments section.

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