Bizarre Footage Shows Cats That Have Strangely Human Faces

The human-like faces of these cats are a result of painstaking selective breeding.

A bizarre video shows a collection of cats that appear to have strangely human faces. Their uncanny and unsettling resemblance to human beings is a result of painstaking selective breeding by Tatyana Rastorgueva. The 44-year-old felinologist and animal lover from Moscow, Russia, has been breeding cats since 2002, reports Daily Mail.

"I really love animals, cats have always been a part of my life," says Tatyana. "But I began to professionally breed cats in 2002, I have been working directly with Maine Coons since 2004. I like what I do. I can say that cats are my calling."

Tatyana Rastorgueva's cats are the result of breeding father cat Vatican and mother cat Lucien, according to Metro News.

"Each breeder has his own vision of the breed and selects individuals for further selection according to those traits that are important to him," she says.

Tatyana says that while breeding Maine Coons, she focused on the type of Maine Coons she liked, which is why the kittens she has now have a recognisable human-like "face" with piercing eyes.

Tatyana regularly shares pictures and videos of her cats with her 83,000 Instagram followers.

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