Bizarre Bathroom Without Walls Horrifies The Internet

"Is nothing private anymore?" asked one person on Twitter

Bizarre Bathroom Without Walls Horrifies The Internet

A picture of a bathroom without walls has shocked a lot of people.

Twitter is a platform well known for hosting arguments, debates and spirited discussions. It's rare to find people agreeing on any one topic on the microblogging website, but this time, they are unanimous in their agreement - a bathroom without walls is ridiculous.

A picture, shared on Twitter by real estate reporter Debra, shows this interesting setup. It features an elegant bedroom with one bizarre feature - bathroom without walls. The bathroom has a bathtub, two basins and a shower area. Even the commode, though semi-private, is without proper walls or a door!

"Ensuites without walls. The owner of this Wynnum house knocked them down and he says it's what couples want," wrote Debra while sharing the picture online.

A lot of people were left completely horrified by the ensuite setup:

Everyone agreed that couples did not, in fact, want a bathroom without walls

However, the owner of the house, Troy Williamson, remains convinced that it is a good idea.

"A lot of people were doubting me but it's the 'in' thing," Mr Williamson told

"Husbands and wives have two basins together, double showers. That's how I wanted this room to be, all opened."

What do you think of this room plan? Let us know using the comments section.

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