Bengaluru Woman Helps Auto Driver Plan For Daughter's Exams

Bengaluru resident shares delightful conversation with auto driver on X, centered around entrance exams like CET and NEET.

Bengaluru Woman Helps Auto Driver Plan For Daughter's Exams

The post got over 1 lakh views, with many praising their meaningful conversation.

Social media is flooded with stories about the daily lives of people in Bengaluru. These stories cover everything from the city's diverse multicultural community to the difficulties faced when trying to rent a place to live. These unique experiences, not commonly found in other big cities, are known as "Bengaluru Moments" because they are special and happen a lot in the city.

In a heartwarming encounter, Bengaluru resident Namrata S Rao recently shared a touching exchange she had with an auto driver. The driver, upon discovering Rao's ability to converse in Kannada, initiated a conversation about his daughter's education. Rao affectionately dubbed the encounter a "cute Bengaluru moment."

The interaction unfolded when Rao casually inquired about the weather in Kannada, catching the driver off guard with her language proficiency. This led to a discussion wherein the driver sought advice on the array of entrance exams available for his daughter, who is currently in Class 11.

"Cute #Bengaluru moment. While I started asking, 'Tumba seke alla?', he replied, 'Oh kannada baratta' to then discuss CET, NEET, and other entrance exams that his daughter could attempt, who is now in Class 11. I asked if he discusses on these with others too. He replied, "Ms. Rao wrote on X.

"'Illa madam, we understand people, we get vibes too. I could tell you that you were a genuine person to ask about this, and that's why. Otherwise, the passenger will be with earphones, and I'll be staring at the road, just like any other day'. I agree with him; sometimes it's all about the vibes."

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