'Basmati Blues' Trailer Disappoints. 'Cultural Appropriation' Says Twitter

Watch the trailer to find out why it has made so many people angry

'Basmati Blues' Trailer Disappoints. 'Cultural Appropriation' Says Twitter

Academy Award-winner Brie Larson stars in Basmati Blues.

The trailer of Oscar-winner Brie Larson's latest offering, 'Basmati Blues', is viral for all the wrong reasons. The cliche-rich trailer, complete with a Bollywood dance sequence, shows Larson's character travelling to India to sell genetically-modified rice to farmers. The two and a half minute clip, which shows all things stereotypically 'Indian' like stray goats and spicy food, has been thrashed online for 'white-washing' and cultural appropriation. 'Cringe-worthy' has been used often in tweets to describe the 'Basmati Blues' trailer.

While many expressed their disappointment with Larson for signing up for the role of the "white savior to Indian people," others slammed the trailer for generalizing a culture down to outdated cliches like a horse-riding heroine who dances to Bollywood music.

Watch the Basmati Blues trailer below:

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