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Author Durjoy Datta's Proposal Creates Storm in a Tweet-Cup. Yay or Nay?

Author Durjoy Datta's Proposal Creates Storm in a Tweet-Cup. Yay or Nay?

Photo Credit: Facebook/Durjoy Datta

As far as grand, public proposals go, this one will be hard to forget. Romance novelist Durjoy Datta just proposed to his fiance Avantika (yes, fiance because they're getting married next week, proposal or not) on Twitter causing quite the social media frenzy. Most people online loved it.

The 28-year-old writer, who's co-authored romance novels like Of Course I Love You ..! Till I Find Someone Better, Now That You're Rich... Let's Fall in Love! and Ohh Yes I Am Single...! And So is My Girlfriend, not only made his proposal public but also sought social media's help in getting that yes (again?). 

The author posted a huge message for his fans letting them know about his plan - he would wait at the airport for Avantika, who was travelling, with a placard reading 'The Love Of My Life'.

Come on Twitter and Instagram? We have two hours. Here's a totally natural picture of Avantika and I. It's not posed...

Posted by Durjoy Datta on Monday, 22 February 2016

Over the next few hours, Durjoy tweeted his proposal to Avantika, in stream-of-consciousness style, accompanying the hashtag #marrymeavanttika with every thought in his mind, the reason for the gesture, words of praise for his intended and more.
He also let everyone know why he was proposing when they were already getting married.
Shortly into the tweet-proposal, nerves kicked in:
And then he couldn't wait any longer:
Durjoy noted that this would be a great story to tell the kids: 
While the lovelorn novelist waited for the answer so late in coming, Twitter went crazy. Some people loved the whole thing and others, ummm, not so much.
After waiting with bated breath for what seemed like eternity (and a couple hundred or more tweets and reactions):
She said yes. Because, you know, who could say no to this (slight sarcasm intended).
This is indeed a proposal for the digital age.

The jury appears to be out on whether Durjoy Datta's proposal was legitimately romantic or bordering on creepy. So tell us, how many of you women would like a proposal such as this, a virtual bended knee? And what if you are marrying the person anyway - would you consider this OTT, as some have done? Would a proposal like this be a deal breaker? And men, do you think you'd like to follow suit or is this too dangerous to try at home?

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