Is AI Just "Fast Googling"? Users Debate After Viral Video Downplays Its Capabilities

The video features a man arguing that AI primarily engages in algorithmic learning rather than true intelligence.

Is AI Just 'Fast Googling'? Users Debate After Viral Video Downplays Its Capabilities

Video has sparked a debate regarding AI and its perceived intelligence.

Artificial intelligence appears to be omnipresent these days. The technology is already influencing everything, from the creation of text and images to how we live and work, even in its current state and with its restrictions.

ChatGPT, Gemini, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E are examples of generative AI technologies, which are systems that generate new content based on past experience. Some of these are available online at no cost or with a little subscription.

The way artificial intelligence (AI) unleashes new powers and alters existing power sets it apart from other technological waves. The most overlooked feature of the current technology revolution is this. Although every technological wave modifies power structures in its wake, none has witnessed the unadulterated spread of power.

However, some people believe that AI is not as intelligent as it is claimed to be. A new viral video features a person discussing the limitations of artificial intelligence, describing it as merely a system that excels in fast googling.

Watch the video here: 

In the video, the man argues that what AI does is algorithmic learning, not true artificial intelligence. He claims that future generations will view us as fools for believing otherwise. According to him, AI will neither end the world nor save it; it will eventually fade away on its own.

The video went viral and sparked a debate on Instagram, with many people commenting on the post.

"Dude really thinks he's onto something, though. Go to admire the artificial confidence," commented a user.

"Dude has zero understanding of neural networks. Yes, AI is real, and it's not googling things, so please stop; it's really pissing me off as an informatics student," wrote another user.

"The AI is learning from existing knowledge, and that is the same for us; we learn from what we know, and you can't say that we don't post everything on the internet by that; it can learn even over behaviour, so in simple words, it's much more dangerous than you think," commented a third user.

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