Any Excuse To Have Chai Is A Good Excuse, Zomato's Thread Proves

"I am too stressed and chai is a must," wrote one Twitter user

Any Excuse To Have Chai Is A Good Excuse, Zomato's Thread Proves

Do you need an excuse to have chai?

Indians take their chai very seriously. In fact, it is often said that ours is a country that runs on tea. From small roadside stalls to five-star eateries, tea is a served almost everywhere and can be found at almost any time of the day. Cups of chai are served in offices, offered to guests at home, brewed for morning cuppas and even taken as nightcaps. In such a scenario, it is not strictly necessary to have an 'excuse' to drink tea, but when Zomato India asked their followers for excuses to have chai, they came up with the funniest responses.

This morning, Zomato asked their Twitter followers to keep adding to a thread of excuses to have chai.

They started them off with a couple of great excuses:

And soon, others began to join the chai pe charcha:

A tea break after two hours of work

It's mother-approved

And a stress-reliever

A whole list of reasons to have chai

Chai seems to be the solution to everything from headaches to drowsiness

And this one Twitter user summed it up nicely

What is your favourite excuse to have chai? Let us know using the comments section.


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